Engage!24 Amalfi Coast: The Official Recap


Benvenuti! Today we’re welcoming you to the sun-soaked shores of the Amalfi Coast, for a recap of the incredible experience that was Engage!24 Amalfi Coast. Our 44th Engage! event took us to the glamorous Caruso, a Belmond Hotel, perched high above the glittering sea in the town of Ravello. It’s here that we gathered with 100 of the finest luxury event professionals from around the globe. All were eager to forge meaningful connections and immerse themselves in one of the world’s most spectacular destinations.

From the moment we arrived, it was clear that this Engage! Retreat would be special. The Caruso provided the perfect backdrop, setting the stage for a week of inspiration, collaboration, and celebration. As we reflect on the highlights of Engage!24 Amalfi Coast, we invite you to relive the magic with us, from the dazzling welcome party to the inspiring sessions, the bucket list explorations of the Amalfi Coast, intimate dine-arounds, and the theatrical gala finale. Here’s to the memories we created together and the talented partners who collaborated to make creative magic over three perfect days, including creative director Vincenzo Dascanio and top Italian planners, K/Luxury, who truly brought the brand and location to life.

The Brand

The Engage!24 Amalfi Coast branding and paper details, masterfully created by TPD Design House, beautifully encapsulated the essence of our destination. The hallmark ‘E’ icon drew inspiration from the Amalfi Coast’s unique buildings and the historic Caruso Belmond estate, reflecting the ‘Italian Way’ of simplicity, quality, and savoring life slowly. From the personalized welcome itinerary packets to the elegant name tags, each detail told a story of artistry and collaboration. The branding seamlessly wove the setting, style, and vision of Engage!24 into every touchpoint, setting a sophisticated and cohesive tone for the entire event. You can read more about the inspiration here.

The Gifting

At Engage!24 Amalfi Coast, the gifting experience was as exquisite as the setting, designed to spoil attendees with luxurious and locally sourced swag. It started with a pre-arrival gift box that really set the tone. It featured a stunning Assouline Amalfi Coast book, along with Mel Boteri luggage tags and passport holders, so guests could travel in style. Upon arrival, attendees were treated to a customized gifting experience that showcased the region’s artisans and treasures.

The interactive ‘shopping’ experience encouraged connection and community. Gifts that included colorful Multitudes Pleated Tote Bags, Ravello olive oil and limoncello in beautifully branded totes by TPD Design House, Gay-Odin chocolate bars, Carthusia spray, Taralleria Napoletana, Casa Amalfi soap sets, Tenuta San Francesco wine, Les Ottomans ceramic trays, and bunches of fresh flowers. Attendees also enjoyed live demonstrations by local artisans. For example, custom sandals from Bottega Eva Caruso, hand-painted ceramic tiles by Raffaele Amato, and printed stoles from Bottega d’Ago. The gifting area was a visual delight! Set in a picturesque garden adorned with flowers and baskets of lemons, embodying the essence of the Amalfi Coast and creating an unforgettable welcome for all.

The Welcome Party

The Engage!24 Amalfi Coast Welcome Party set the stage for the days that followed. Held at the Belvedere Pool, the party was designed to evoke the warm, nostalgic feeling of a homecoming. Attendees were greeted with heart-shaped signs and criss-crossed laundry racks, reminiscent of the Quartieri Spagnoli streets. Tables adorned with local produce and delicious food brought the essence of Naples to life. The evening was filled with laughter, music, and friendships old and new.

The Sessions

Engage! events are as much about learning and growth as they are about celebration and fun. Engage!24 Amalfi Coast offered a unique and intimate retreat, focused on personal development, immersive wellness, and professional growth. Leading the conversation was Duncan Wardle, former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney. Duncan brought his extensive expertise to help attendees think differently and innovate. He shared invaluable insights on embedding creativity and innovation into the very DNA of our work, leading to fresh and disruptive ideas. Participants left with full hearts and fresh inspiration for their businesses.

Exploring the Amalfi Coast

Over the three days, Engage!24 attendees had ample opportunities to explore the enchanting Amalfi Coast, immersing themselves in the beauty and culture of the region. One highlight was a private tour of the Villa Rufolo gardens. Guests also enjoyed a leisurely passeggiata, exploring the picturesque streets and hidden gems of Ravello. Another unforgettable experience was the lunch sail to Positano aboard the ‘Tortuga.’ Attendees seized the afternoon, cruising slowly along the coast, taking in the views while enjoying a delightful lunch on deck.

We also enjoyed a lemon-themed lunch in the Sparkling Garden where the décor celebrated the iconic Amalfi lemon. The bright and cheerful decor, coupled with delicious local cuisine, encapsulated the essence of the Amalfi Coast, making it a delightful experience for everyone. These explorations and activities not only showcased the beauty of the region but also fostered deeper connections among attendees, enhancing the overall Engage!24 experience.

Dine-Arounds and Dessert Party

Night two of Engage!24 was a culinary journey through Ravello, with our intimate dine-arounds experience. Attendees were divided into smaller groups, each enjoying dinner at one of Ravello’s charming restaurants. Each venue offered a unique ambiance and a delectable menu showcasing local specialties. After dinner, attendees reconvened for a lavish dessert party at the Bar Caruso. The dessert stations featured a wide array of sweet treats, including tarts, mousses, gelato, and the classic tiramisu. Expertly prepared by the Caruso’s executive chef, these desserts were a feast for both the eyes and the palate, capping off the evening with a sweet, unforgettable finish.

The Experiences

Engage!24 was rich with hands-on experiences that immersed attendees in the local culture and crafts of the Amalfi Coast. These ranged from a ceramics workshop to pizza and pasta making, as well as wine and lemon tours. These experiences not only offered educational insights and hands-on fun but also deepened connections among attendees and provided some of our favorite memories!

The Gala Finale

The Gala Finale of Engage!24 Amalfi Coast was a spectacular culmination of the retreat. Inspired by ‘Il Teatrino’ and the traditional Neapolitan puppet Pulcinella, the evening was marked by drama and elegance. Guests arrived in black and red cocktail glam attire, which perfectly complemented the theme and added to the sophisticated ambiance. The venue was adorned with rich, sumptuous decor in red and black, with creative theatrical details and ornate, opulent tablescapes.

The night began with an aperitif, where attendees sipped on Aperol Spritzes and Italian wine while enjoying the magnificent views. The three-course meal was a culinary delight, featuring local specialties. Throughout the evening, masked performers entertained guests with violin music and elegant puppetry, bringing the Pulcinella theme to life. The live band had everyone on their feet, dancing the night away.

To get a truly full visual experience of our time in Amalfi, check out this incredible recap video from our friends at Storybox Cinema. They always capture the essence of connection, celebration, inspiration, and FUN at Engage!

As we finish up this recap, we must take the opportunity to thank all our incredible attendees, partners, and speakers for making Engage!24 Amalfi Coast an unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for more detailed recaps of some of the events!