Engage!24 Amalfi Coast: Gala Inspired by ‘Il Teatrino’


The Engage!24 Amalfi Coast Gala Dinner was the grand finale of an extraordinary three days in this magical Italian location. It was held at our host property, the enchanting Caruso, a Belmond Hotel. This venue, with its rich history and breathtaking views, provided the perfect setting for an evening of elegance and grandeur. Nestled high atop a stone cliff, Caruso has long been a haven for romance and luxury. Its origins date back to the 11th century, and today it stands as one of the most coveted settings for weddings and events, with its marbled hallways, original frescoes, and mesmerizing gardens filled with pomegranate, olive, and lemon trees.

The theme for the Gala, ‘Il Teatrino,’ drew inspiration from the rich tradition of Commedia dell’arte, particularly the character Pulcinella. This theatrical theme brought a sense of drama and whimsy to the evening, celebrating the artistry and history of Italian theater. Pulcinella, known for his distinctive mask and expressive antics, is a beloved figure in Neapolitan culture. He embodies the spirit of Naples and its vibrant cultural heritage, making him the perfect muse for the night’s festivities.

The Stationery

The stationery for the Engage!24 Amalfi Coast Gala was a testament to the attention to detail that characterized the entire event. As always, TPD Design House blew us away! In keeping with the theme, each element featured intricate designs inspired by vintage theater elements and Commedia dell’arte. Gala escort cards, placed in attendees’ rooms before the event, were designed as theater tickets. They also included an explanation of the theme and Pulcinella. This really set the tone for the evening to come! The menus at our gala events are always a highlight and this time was no exception. Each was designed as a stage with red curtains that guests could pull back to reveal the night’s culinary delights. This interactive element so in keeping with the décor and other details provided an extra touch of whimsy and delight. It will no doubt be a treasured keepsake for many.

The Décor and Details

The Gala’s décor was nothing short of spectacular, bringing the theme of “Il Teatrino” to life with rich, sumptuous details in red and black. All we can say is: bravo, Vincenzo Dascanio! The space was transformed into the glamorous ‘Teatro Burattini’, with sumptuous red walls, a puppet theatre, and even a wall of incredible vintage marionettes. The tables featured a golden ‘stage’ centerpiece with a raised ‘curtain’ adorned with hanging roses as well as dangling red ‘puppets’. Each setting also included ornate gilded plates and crockery and crystal glassware. Custom-printed linens and an abundance of candles created an atmosphere of opulence and drama. The creative team masterfully combined these elements to evoke the feel of a traditional Neapolitan puppet theater, with Pulcinella as the star.

The Menu

One of the characteristic traits of Pulcinella is that he is always hungry. So, of course, we had to ensure that guests at the Engage!24 Amalfi Coast Gala enjoyed all the food they could eat! The gastronomy was a highlight of the evening, featuring a delectable three-course meal that showcased the best of Campanian cuisine. This started with passed appetizers including Caprese, Baccalà bites, Neopolitan calzone, and Cilento Capocollo with roasted peppers. Guests then sat down to a refreshing tomato carpaccio, followed by homemade codfish ravioli. For the main course, we were treated to a delicious braised beef cheek. Finally, we enjoyed Delizia al Limoni, an Amalfi Coast specialty dessert that provided a sweet end to the meal.

The Entertainment

The entertainment at the Gala was as captivating as the decor, with performances that received a standing ovation from the delighted guests. Performers in elegant black eveningwear and gold Pulcinella masks welcomed attendees upon arrival, bringing the Commedia dell’arte to life. These performers, with their cuffs and ruffles made of sheet music, set the tone for an evening of drama and elegance. The music throughout the night included incredible performances by a variety of musicians. The band had guests on their feet, dancing the night away.

The Attire

The dress code for the Gala was ‘Il Teatrino – Cocktail Glam in Black and Red’. Guests arrived in stunning black and red ensembles, adding to the event’s dramatic ambiance. The elegant attire elevated the overall aesthetic, making the gala truly feel like a night at the theater. The choice of colors echoed the rich, sumptuous decor and the theatrical inspiration behind the evening, creating a visually cohesive and memorable experience for all attendees.

The Engage!24 Amalfi Coast Gala provided a memorable and fitting conclusion to an extraordinary retreat. With its elegant decor, exquisite cuisine, and captivating entertainment, the gala embodied the true spirit of ‘Il Teatrino’ and celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Naples. It was truly the perfect way to close the curtain on an unforgettable Engage!24 experience. To see more of the three days of inspiration, visit our galleries.