Engage!23 Boca Raton Branding + Inspiration


It’s that time again! Engage!23 The Boca Raton has come and gone and we’re taking a look back at all the beauty! But before we get to the photos of fun, here’s a little taste of what we cooked up for the visual branding of the week.

Our dear friends and longtime partners at TPD Design House imagine and create the visual branding of each of our events. And like always, the curated look they’ve created for Boca Raton is pure genius! Each element of the design and process was inspired by the beautiful Boca Raton resort and its nearly 100 years of rich history. Talk about a fantastic background to design with!

From logos and icons to color and cocktail elements, the branding is indicative of the warm, lush, and luxurious atmosphere of the internationally recognized resort. And here is how it came together to create the Engage!23 The Boca Raton brand…

Logos and Icons

The hallmark Engage! icon of Engage!23 The Boca Raton features a crest similar to those found on country club emblems. The crest not only pays homage to the rich history of The Boca Raton, but each icon within is inspired by the resort’s architecture and lush gardens. From the coastal allure of the resort to the athletic draw, each design celebrates the past and current draw of the luxury resort. Weaving Engage! with an echo of the property’s iconic symbol, invited guests to join an event that allowed them to experience what it’s like to be ‘a part of the club.’

We’ll let you in on a little secret! Multiple variations of the icon and primary logo appear throughout the event! But for now, we’ll leave you with just this taste of our favorites. 

A Splash of Color

When it comes to color, it was all in the location! While the event’s brand remains true, the color adds to the experience. When you stepped into Engage!23 The Boca Raton, you stepped into an extraordinary new world. The color is a subtle piece of that. Attendees felt the inspiration of the resort…from the slightest soft yellows of the Floridian sand to the deep green of the private courts.

As you take in the beautiful architecture, keep an eye out for some of the palettes within the pictures. The antique whites and historic pinks are just a few that The Boca Raton backdrop boasts.

There’s so much more to see. Come back over the next several days as we share how this vision came to fruition!