Yacht Rock Welcome Party in Boca Raton


For our first night fete at Engage!23 The Boca Raton, we welcomed attendees to the Harborside Lawn and Pool at The Boca Raton. This was the perfect way to get guests in the party spirit for the days to come. The group was asked to rock their best yacht rock attire, fitting of the idyllic setting on the edge of the water. The theme was inspired by The Boca Raton’s Yacht Club and the breathtaking coastal views that the pool deck and lawn boast. Our yacht rock welcome party may have been on dry land but this was one to remember!

Culinary Delights

As guests entered the lawn, the first thing they saw (besides a set of adult-size nautical-inspired swings) was an impressive and impossible-to-miss 40-foot ice sculpture and raw bar. This certainly set the bar high for how incredible the culinary experience would be all week at The Boca Raton. 

As guests walked past the lobster grill, the shrimp station, and life-size sushi boats filled with local seafood favorites, there were a few other standout moments outside of the incredible meal. Cocktail Academy mixed up on-theme beverages including sunset-inspired drinks like a strawberry daiquiri and coco loco-flavored gelatos. 


Above it all sat a lifeguard in her retro swimsuit. In charge of the Rosado Glitterati Tower that Cocktail Academy had created, she poured cocktails over the tower and protected guests from the pool as friends reunited below during our first night back at Engage!

500 Drones

To mark the beginning of the end of the night’s festivities, we thought about a fireworks show. But then we thought bigger. And Jordan Kahn Music Company had even bigger plans than that! Out of the night sky came 500 drones in perfect unison to dazzle the guests below. The epic drone show featured our Engage! branding, nautical-themed designs, and of course, Jordan’s signature bearded man to end the performance. Talk about a jaw-dropping show! 

The After-Party

When it was time to say goodnight to the sea, guests were ushered into the after-party in the Palm Court and Cathedral for a “Nauti at Night” club-like continuation of the celebration. Hand-filled cannolis and espresso martinis were consumed along with boozy ice cream (adults only and yes please!). 

But perhaps the biggest standout of this late-night surprise was the laser show from behind the DJ booth. The electrifying lights were timed to the live musicians and the on-point playlist. The lights (by Liquidsky Laser Show) danced above the dancers and lit up the grand ceilings of the Cathedral. This after-party was a show-stopping spectacular visual marvel, to say the least! 

As the sunrise started to approach, it was off to bed for a few hours of sleep. The morning came quickly as our educational sessions rolled on. Our yacht rock welcome party for the record books was complete!