Engage!24 Amalfi Coast: Group Experiences


One of the things that makes Engage! events so special is the incredible destinations we visit and the way that each location is woven into the experience. Our Engage! Retreats always include unique regional experiences that give attendees a true sense of place, time, and culture. Designed with great intention, these experiences are an essential part of our three-day journey together. For our Engage!24 Amalfi Coast group experiences, we curated a collection of uniquely immersive activities for our attendees. Each allowed them to dive deep into the authentic essence of the Amalfi Coast.

Our Engage!24 Amalfi Coast group experiences agenda included six diverse offerings. These included ceramic painting, pasta and pizza making, a wine tour, and lemon grove visits. Additionally, the entire group relished a scenic sailing trip to Positano. Let’s look a little more closely into the details of each experience and what made them so special!

Ceramic Painting with Raffaele Amato in Ravello

In the charming town of Ravello, attendees had the opportunity to explore the traditional art of ceramic painting with local artist Raffaele Amato at his studio. This experience provided a hands-on journey into the world of Amalfi ceramics. Guests could paint their own ceramic pieces, which were then fired to take home as unique mementos. Raffaele, hailing from a long line of skilled potters, also shared his rich family heritage and the historical significance of ceramics on the Amalfi Coast. His expertise and passion for the craft made this experience deeply engaging and memorable.

Pasta Making at Felicia’s Home Restaurant in Tramonti

Federico Fellini once said that “life is a combination of magic and pasta,” and we put this to the test with a pasta-making class at Felicia’s Home Restaurant in Tramonti. Set in a seventeenth-century farmhouse surrounded by flowers, vineyards, and chestnut groves, attendees learned the art of making fresh pasta using locally sourced ingredients. The experience began with a tour of the vegetable garden, followed by a hands-on cooking lesson cooked with freshly picked ingredients. The session offered a deep dive into the culinary traditions of the region, fostering a connection to both the land and its produce.

Pizza Making at Donna Stella in Amalfi

Under a canopy of lemon trees, the pizza-making class at Donna Stella in Amalfi was a true highlight. Known for its authentic Neapolitan pizza, Donna Stella guided guests through the process of preparing, rolling, topping, and baking their pizzas in woodfire ovens. The experience culminated in a shared meal in the pizzeria’s quaint garden.

Wine Tour at Tenuta San Francesco in Tramonti

The vineyard tour and wine tasting at Tenuta San Francesco in Tramonti offered a glimpse into the oenological treasures of the Amalfi Coast. Situated in a green regional park, this 18th-century farm provided a stunning backdrop for tasting Costa d’Amalfi DOC wines. Attendees also enjoyed a walk through the historical vineyards, learning about the unique terroir and winemaking traditions of the region. The tour concluded with a tasting session, where guests savored the rich flavors and aromas of the local wines.

Lemon Tour at De Riso in Minori

Venturing off the beaten path into the traditional Amalfi lemon groves at De Riso was a refreshing and educational experience. Attendees walked along the slopes of Minori, learning about the cultivation and harvesting of the famous Amalfi lemons. The tour included a visit to the manufacturing center where limoncello is made, followed by a tasting session. (Because when life gives you lemons, make limoncello!) This immersive experience highlighted the importance of lemons in the local culture and economy, offering a taste of the region’s zesty heritage.

Lemon Grove Experience at La Valle de Mulini in Amalfi

The lemon grove tour provided a deeper understanding of the true essence of the Amalfi Coast. Attendees discovered the entire production process, from cultivation to the creation of lemon-based delicacies. The tour included a taste of lemon cake and fresh lemonade in the groves, a visit to the family’s museum of Arts and Crafts, and a tour of the factory. All surrounded by the beauty that is the Amalfi lemon groves!

Lunch Sail to Positano

The grand finale of our Engage!24 Amalfi Coast group experiences was a sailing trip to Positano. Fresh from their separate activities, the full group boarded the ‘Tortuga’ for a leisurely cruise along the stunning coastline, enjoying a delightful lunch on deck. The sail provided breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast’s dramatic cliffs and charming villages, bringing to life our Engage!24 Amalfi Coast logo, which seemed only fitting! This serene and scenic journey allowed guests to relax and soak in the views as they sailed to the picturesque town of Positano.

The group experiences are always a highlight of our retreats for attendees. Their enthusiasm and engagement make the activities extra special, creating lasting memories and forging meaningful connections. Here’s to many more adventures together!