Engage!24 Amalfi Coast: Welcome Party at Caruso, a Belmond Hotel


The welcome party is always a highlight of our Engage! events – re-uniting old friends and introducing new ones, while setting the scene for what’s to come. But the idea of welcome has never felt so intrinsically part of fabric of the event as it did at Engage!24 Amalfi Coast. Nestled in the enchanting surroundings of the Caruso, a Belmond Hotel, in Ravello, the Engage!24 Amalfi Coast welcome party set the stage for an unforgettable experience . In doing so, it embodied the true spirit of the people of Naples and Campania, known for their ability to make visitors immediately feel at home. Designed by our creative dream team of Vincenzo Dascanio and Vanessa Kreckel and team of TPD Design House, the evening was a true expression of this warmth. It was also the perfect way to get our attendees in the party spirit for the days to follow!

A Warm Italian Welcome

At its heart, the welcome party was a vibrant celebration of Ravello and Naples. It was designed to evoke nostalgia and the feeling of returning home. The design was inspired by the streets of Naples’ Quartieri Spagnoli, and its distinct aromas of salty sea air, cooking oil, and fresh laundry. This ambience was brought to the glamorous Belvedere Pool area through décor that included criss-crossed laundry racks, colorful shutters, and a jumble of homely table linens. It was as if we were attending dinner at Nonna’s, surrounded by family and friends, after a long time away. Vincenzo’s design beautifully captured the essence of Italian life, creating an atmosphere that felt both intimate and festive.

Instead of flowers, the long table was adorned with clever and creative creations arrangements of tomatoes and pasta. A mix of colorful glassware and traditional ceramics evoked the charm of a Neapolitan home. Hanging above the tables were hearts bearing inscriptions of traditional Italian sayings and song lyrics. The scene was set for an evening of joy, laughter, and heartfelt connections. Attendees truly lived ‘La Dolce Vita’, soaking in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Italy.

La Bella Cucina – Food & Drink at the Engage!24 Amalfi Coast Welcome Party

Of course, an Italian welcome would be nothing without delicious food! The Engage!24 Amalfi Coast welcome party featured a feast of Neapolitan specialties that delighted the taste buds of every guest. Passed appetizers included elevated street food like frittatine di pasta, ciurilli (stuffed pumpkin flowers), and cuoppo. Guests also enjoyed traditional pasta with three varieties of tomatoes, alongside pizzas that showcased the best of local flavors. Dessert included delicacies like sfogliatella, babà al rum and zuppetta, each dish offering a taste of Campania’s rich culinary heritage.

The signature cocktail of the evening was the Engage!24 Gimlet. This was a refreshing blend of Amalfi gin, fresh coastal lemon juice, and homemade lemon cordial. Additionally, Aperol and Limoncello Spritzes added a festive touch to the evening, along with a ‘Forever Young’ mocktail for those who preferred a non-alcoholic option.

Il Spettacolo – Captivating Entertainment at the Engage!24 Amalfi Coast Welcome Party

Entertainment at the Welcome Party was nothing short of spectacular, setting the tone for the days ahead. Guests enjoyed a performance by thetalented jazz and avant-garde artist Alessandro De Angelis, as well as lively renditions of traditional Neopolitan music that had everyone up and dancing. The music perfectly complemented the vibrant atmosphere, encouraging guests to let loose and embrace the spirit of the evening.

Dress Code & Attire

One of the traditions of Engage! Summits, Retreats, and Experiences, is that we have dress codes for each event. Attendees are able to browse special Pinterest boards for inspiration and it’s always so much fun to see their interpretations! For the Engage!24 Amalfi Coast welcome party, our dress code was ‘Ravello Revelry’, embracing colorful prints and patterns. And of course, our attendees didn’t let us down! A riot of colorful prints and patterns reflected the lively and joyful spirit of the evening, making it especially visually vibrant. Many chose outfits in red and green, the colors of the Italian flag, adding to the festive atmosphere. The attire also perfectly complemented the party’s theme and added an extra layer of excitement and celebration.

We’re delighted to say that our welcome party in Ravello was a resounding success, setting the perfect tone for Engage!24 Amalfi Coast. With its delightful blend of local culture and ambience, culinary delights, captivating entertainment, and vibrant attire, the evening left guests eagerly anticipating the incredible experiences yet to come.